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Worm Farm upgraded at Flamingo Casino…

Flamingo Casino has recently upgraded their worm farm from 3000 worms to 15 000 worms! They have also replaced the old rubber tyre containers with more effective worm farm containers.

A little more about worm farming: Vermiculture is the technical term used to describe worm farming, and the remnants left after digestion is called castings. Castings are one of the best and safest fertilizers available and it feels and looks like good quality soil. In fact, castings are 5 times richer in nutrients than good topsoil. Made popular by the Mount Nelson Hotel gardens ’worm tea’ is another non-smelly by-product made by soaking castings in water and using the water to fertilize the soil, it is also a natural pest repellent. The liquid that seeps through the material that the worms eat is called leachate, another highly prized brown odourless fertilizer.

The earthworms can be fed:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard including egg cartons
  • Coffee grounds and tea bags
  • Vegetable peelings and waste
  • Eggshells

There are, however, a few exceptions to what the wors can be fed:

  • Pineapple, as it contains an enzyme that will dissolve the earthworms
  • Citrus and highly acidic vegetables, such as onions, should be added to their food sparingly
  • Green grass clippings should also be added sparingly, as large amounts generate excess heat and produces ammonia which will kill the worms.

You can purchase worm farms from Full Cycle, Wiggler magic worms, Wizzard worms or Organic Solutions. Or you could build your own worm farm.For more info on how to build your own, you can have a look at some of these sites:

2. Working Worms