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Webinars – Coming Soon!

A webinar is a lecture presented over the internet to anyone who wants to attend them.  Webinars provide us with an opportunity to reach a large number of people around South Africa who want training on specific topics but may not be able to travel in or to attend face-to-face training.

Kundiza-Heritage presents a range of 1 hour Environmental Webinars on various topics for you to attend from the comfort of your own desk – no travel required!

Five topics are available:

Webinar 1:  Environmental Awareness:  
What is the Big Issue?  Why are Global Warming and Climate Change having an effect on travel trends?  What have we done about this as a global industry, in South Africa and in our businesses.  What can we do to position ourselves to meet the rising demand for environmentally aware tourism?

Webinar 2:  Energy Efficiency: 

Energy has 2 impacts on a business:  financial and environmental.  This webinar will explore both of these and will provide practical hints and tips on energy savings.

Webinar 3:  Water Efficiency: 

Floods and droughts!  Water is a serious issue and needs to be managed carefully.  What can we do in our industry and our businesses to manage this better and also contain rising costs?

Webinar 4:  Waste Management: 

Hotels generate massive amounts of waste that will be dumped in landfill if not managed correctly.  Huge resources are lost and wasted by poor waste management.  How do we manage waste in the industry, and how can we develop waste management plans to reduce our environmental impact?

Webinar 5:  Responsible Tourism: 

This is the foundational policy for tourism development in South Africa, but do we understand the basic principles?  Minimum Standards for Responsible Tourism are soon to be launched by the National Department of Tourism.  How can we meet these standards and gain certification and credibility as responsible tourism business operators?

For more information aboutt Webinars, feel free to contact Lourina Neser by phoning 013 750 2928 or email