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One of the key areas that Kundiza focuses on is the development and support of educational professionals in schools and colleges.  The tourism industry is set to provide huge economic benefits to South Africa, which makes the role of the tourism and hospitality educator a critical link in the economic development process.

 Products and Courses

Kundiza has developed a range of products and services for educators in the following subjects and fields:teacher

  • NCS: Tourism
  • NCS: Hospitality
  • NCS: Consumer Studies
  • NCV: Hospitality
  • NCV: Tourism


Educator Training Workshops

The Kundiza Educator Training Workshops vary in length according to your needs and requirements.  Workshop content is structured to assist an educator to deliver the curricula with skills, knowledge and confidence.  Kundiza educator workshops support the curricula, and focus on:

  • Curriculum structure
  • Curriculum content
  • Teaching methods suited to the content
  • Assessment requirements

We specialise in teaching about and with interactive teaching methods.  We practice what we preach, and our delegates are usually delighted with their training experience. This allows them to go back to their classrooms with inspiration, excitement and knowledge on how to deliver Outcomes Based Education.

Workshops are fun, interactive and interesting.  We pride ourselves on equipping our educators with the content knowledge and teaching skills to love teaching these subjects!

What our delegates have had to say about our training:

  • You are not just good, you are excellent! (Mpumalanga DoE Subject Advisor)
  • I have learned so much from you about how to teach. (University of Technology Head of Tourism Department)
  • We have learned so much; it has been so exciting and rewarding! (Correctional Services Master Trainer for NCV)
  • I arrived in tears, not knowing where to start – I leave with tears of joy and relief – I can’t wait to get back to my classroom and begin this subject!  (Mpumalanga teacher)
  • Your knowledge and expertise is an inspiration to us – thank you for putting in so much effort for us! (Gauteng teacher)