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Kundiza has partnered with the Heritage Environmental Rating Programme to bring you the Kundiza-Heritage Certificate in Environmental Awareness.

This programme has been specifically developed by Kundiza and Heritage for businesses looking to minimise the impact they have on their environment and thereby also save money much needed in the current economic climate.

The Kundiza-Heritage Environmental Awareness Certificate is a 6-module programme designed to teach hospitality industry management and staff about the state of the environment and how to practise environmental responsibility at work and at home .

The six modules are:

  • Module 1:  Environmental Awareness
  • Module 2:  Energy Action
  • Module 3:  Be Water Wise
  • Module 4:  War on Waste
  • Module 5:  Responsible Tourism
  • Module 6:  Go Green!

 Target audience

The course is designed to be interesting, fun and interactive and to appeal to all types of delegates.

  • While the course focus is mostly on operational staff, managers and supervisors will also benefit from attending it. 
  • Educational level – minimum Grade 10


The course offers the following benefits:

  • Significant and continuous cost savings though operational staff being environmentally aware in their daily actions and activities
  • Contribution toward recognition as an environmentally responsible establishment
  • Building broad understanding of environmental issues in the entire establishment contributes toward a team effort that will positively affect the global environment
  • Investing in the future of our children and future generations

Everybody benefits from responsible environmental practices!

Delivery options:

For all delivery options, delegates receive a booklet on the six modules, and a certificate of attendance for the course.
Kindly contact Kundiza directly for our fee structure and to book your place on a public course or to arrange an in-house course for your staff.

License and Delivery of own In-House Training
This option is available to clients who wish to purchase a training license from Kundiza to train their own staff internally.


  • Purchase a training licence from Kundiza
  • Send a trainer to Kundiza for training
  • Deliver training directly to staff on site as needed
  • Are quality checked by Kundiza
  • Receive certifiactes for staff who have completed the course
  • Receive ongoing support and ideas, as well as updates from Kundiza

For further information on this option and the fee structures, kindly contact Kundiza