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Certificate of Environmental Responsibility awarded to Flamingo Casino in May 2011

Recently consumers have become even more aware of the environmental impact of modern living, and increasingly seek out companies with a similar commitment to preserving environmental resources.

This is exactly what Flamingo Casino in Kimberley did! Congratulations to Flamingo for receiving a Certificate of Environmental Responsibility from Carpet and Health services for use of the Millicare Dry Carpet Care Programme.

For this programme, MilliCare technicians use specialised products that are designed to minimize the cleaning process’s impact on the environment.  Products have been tested, and proven to be low-emitting and non-toxic.

The MilliCare dry carpet cleaning process can contribute to improved indoor air quality when used with a properly maintained HVAC system.  MilliCare’s dry-centered process also uses very little water – helping to conserve natural resources and extend the life of a carpet, which means it won’t prematurely end up in a landfill.

For more about the programme, visit Millicare’s website:

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