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Author: Lisa Gordon-Davis 

Publisher: Juta

ISBN Number: 978-0-70

Increased tourism has turned the food service and hospitality industry into one of our economy’s fastest-growing sectors. This growth presents new challenges to food-handling professionals throughout the industry.

This second edition of the The hospitality industry handbook on hygiene and safety has incorporated additional content and features to reflect the fast-moving changes and benefit both students and employees of the hospitality industry. These features include:
• Reference to relevant unit standards on the National Qualifications Framework;
• Case studies drawn from actual industry events and media reports;
• Extracts from operating procedures from large hospitality companies;
• Activities affording the opportunity to practise the principles discussed; and
• Expanded content on all topics.

Interactive in its presentation, The hospitality industry handbook on hygiene and safety will be extremely useful to those studying related courses in colleges and universities, as well as current industry managers and staff.

Lisa Gordon-Davis is well known in the industry. She has been a lecturer at the Cape Technikon Hotel School, National Training Manager for the Hospitality Industries Training Board (HITB), Hospitality Chamber Manager for the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority (Theta) and Executive Officer of the South African Tourism Institute. An accomplished author of many technical books, she is now the Managing Director of her own company, Kundiza Training & Consulting, specialising in tourism and hospitality education and training.