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Heritage Environmental Management Companyheritage

Kundiza is proud to be associated with the Heritage Environmental Management Company as the Heritage Environmental Training Partner.

The need to protect and sustain our environmental heritage has become a major factor in most developing tourism markets over the past few years. Travellers and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that their visits and purchasing habits have on both the environment into which they travel and do business as well as the communities with which they come into contact with. Limiting and reducing this impact  without lessening growth and financial benefits in general, will become one of the most important challenges for businesses across Africa this decade.

The Heritage Environmental Management Company was formed to provide operators of all types of businesses with an effective environmental management and rating alternative designed to reduce and limit the impact that their operations have on their environment. Heritage incorporates the standards of seven international programmes in a three-tiered approach to sustainable and responsible operations

The Heritage Environmental Rating Programme represents a range of environmental rating and management options for most business types, each of which is based on the application of simple and effective environmentally friendly and responsible operating standards across various business operation aspects.

The Heritage initiatives have been developed to provide consumers, visitors, owners and operators with a guide to sustainable and responsible businesses across all sectors of the economy. From the banking and financial sector, to retail, businesses and tourism and hospitality, Heritage has an environmental management and rating option to suit your needs.

Participating in HERITAGE requires commitment by management to the goal of environmentally sound operations. Heritage looks at your business in a holistic manner, recognising performance in a number of categories including the effectiveness, appropriateness and sustainability of:

  • Purchasing and Procurement Policies and Practices
  • Business Partnerships and Association
  • Facility Design and Development
  • Fauna, Flora and Land Management Policies
  • Transport and vehicle maintenance systems


Kundiza is an allied member of The Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa, (FEDHASA) a member driven organisation which represents member interests on most recognised public and private sector economic, business and environmental forums.
Fedhasa is the initiator and custodian of the Imvelo Responsible Tourism Awards. Kundiza supports Fedhasa in its drive to create more environmentally aware hospitality establishments in South Africa by offering discounts on environmental training products to Fedhasa members.


Kundiza supports the Imvelo Awards for Responsible Tourism by promoting Imvelo in Kundiza Environmental training materials for the hospitality industry.