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About Lisa Gordon-Davis

All current operational and managerial activities are currently handled by Lisa Gordon-Davis who is the sole and managing member of Kundiza Training and Consulting CC.  Lisa has extensive expertise in training and consulting in primarily the hospitality and tourism industries.

Lisa has in her private consulting capacity worked on many and varied assignments for a wide range of clients:

  • International Finance Corporation (IFC):  development of Tourism SME training materials for five African countries, pilot training in Swaziland.
  • Grant Thornton Consulting:  training of tourism grading assessors in support of the development and implementation of the Tourism Grading Scheme in Zambia.
  • Joint Initiative for Priority Skills Acquisition (JIPSA):  Consulting on Tourism HRD Strategy
  • Academy for the Tourism Industry (ATI) serving as member and director: development and delivery of training for local government officials and stakeholders on Responsible tourism Development
  • Wits University:  training of Master Trainers on College Hospitality Curriculum for Correctional Services
    Council on Higher Education:  Higher Education Quality Committee:  Evaluation of programmes in tourism and hospitality fields for private higher education institutions.
  • Mpumalanga Department of Education:  training teachers in implementation of new curriculum
  • Grant Thornton Consulting:  consulting on skills development projects such as the Tourism Skills Audit.
  • National Business Initiative (NBI):  Travel and Tourism Programme – strategic planning, secretariat of global country meeting, writing of teacher guides on school industry liaison
  • Tourism Enterprise Programme:  writing Legal Toolkit for tourism SMEs; review and revise 34 existing modules for Tourism SMEs
  • Southern Sun Hotels:  delivery of Supervisory Skills Builder Programme over 9 months, delivery of induction and service skills programmes.

Lisa has held various positions during her career; these range from hotel school lecturer, to National Training Manager for the Hospitality Industries Training Board, and the Hospitality Chamber Manager for the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority (THETA).  As the former Executive Officer of the South African Tourism Institute (SATI), a project funded by the Government of Spain, she was instrumental in initiating, managing and directing a number of varied projects, including:

  • Training of government officials in Responsible Tourism Planning
  • Operational training for tourism SMEs (tour operators, B&Bs and caterers)
  • Teacher training for tourism and hospitality in high schools
  • Careers information packs
  • A bursary system
  • A resource centre

In addition to this, Lisa holds a number of qualifications in various disciplines, including a Masters Degree in Human Resources from the Wits Business School.  She has also either written or contributed to 20 published textbooks to date. Topics of these books which reflects the range of subject matter knowledge and expertise include:


  • OBE For FET:  Hospitality Generics Level 4: Nasou Via Afrika 2007
  • OBE For FET:  Hospitality Services Level 4: Nasou Via Afrika 2007
  • OBE For FET:  Hospitality Services Level 3: Nasou Via Afrika 2007
  • OBE For FET:  Hospitality Services Level 2: Nasou Via Afrika 2007
  • Legal Issues for Entrepreneurs:  Juta:  2007 Co-author Peter Cumberlege
  • Grade 12 Hospitality Studies:  Juta:  2007 Co-author Lee Howell
  • Grade 11 Hospitality Studies:  Juta:  2006 Co-author Lee Howell
  • Grade 10 Hospitality Studies:  Juta:  2005 Co-author Lee Howell
  • The Hospitality Industries Handbook on Legal Requirements.  Juta, February 2004.  Co-author Peter Cumberlege
  • The Hospitality Industries Handbook on Nutrition and Menu Planning.  Juta, March 2002.  Co-author Lientjie van Rensburg
  • The Hospitality Industries Handbook on Hygiene and Safety:  Juta, November 1998


  • OBE for FET:  Operations Management Level 3
  • OBE for FET:  Client Services and Human Relations Level 4
  • OBE for FET:  Client Services and Human Relations Level 3

Lisa is regarded as an expert in her field, and is fully able to apply skills within other subject areas. A full Curriculum Vitae is available on request.

About Kundiza Training & Consulting

Kundiza Training and Consulting CC was established in 2008 to provide training and consulting services toward, but not restricted to, the tourism, hospitality and related industries.

Kundiza is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in developing, delivering and managing human resources development activities in these industries.

Kundiza clients and partners include:

  • Heritage Environmental Management Company
  • The South African Council for Higher Education
  • National Business Initiative (NBI)

The core business of Kundiza is training, specialising in the tourism, hospitality and related sectors. Our aim is to deliver training that is interactive, interesting and draws from current events to make it dynamic for the delegates.  Our training material and delivery is continuously updated to ensure that our clients receive current information in our courses. We are very selective in the choice of trainers to ensure that not only are they subject matter experts, but are also excellent trainers and facilitators.

Kundiza further provides consultancy services as required on projects as diverse as kitchen design and training implementation, and quality assurance of higher education programmes.

Kundiza works with a range of training associates who between them have considerable experience not only in tourism but in other industries and public and private sector initiatives.