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Environmental Training Consulting

Our name stems from the SiSwati verb, ku-ndiza, which means ‘to fly”.

Kundiza is the initiative of Lisa Gordon-Davis, an expert in the field of hospitality and tourism training and development.  Lisa has held various positions during her career; these range from hotel school lecturer, to National Training Manager for the Hospitality Industries Training Board, and the Hospitality Chamber Manager for the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority (THETA). 

As the former Executive Officer of the South African Tourism Institute (SATI), a project funded by the Government of Spain, she was instrumental in initiating, managing and directing a number of different projects.  She was also a director of the Academy for the Tourism Industry (ATI), a training company specialising in public sector tourism development training.

Read more about Kundiza Management and Membership in About Us

Training And Consulting

Kundiza aims to empower its clients and beneficiaries ‘to fly’ through its range of excellent training programmes and its consultancy services.

Kundiza Training and Consulting CC was established in 2008 to provide training and consulting services toward, but not restricted to, the tourism, hospitality and related industries.

Kundiza is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in developing, delivering and managing human resources development activities in these industries.

Although currrently categorised as a Small or Micro Entreprise, Kundiza has a network of associates to draw on for expertise for a range of different applications or projects.  Provison is made for the inclusion of further members, specifically with the view on Black Economic Empowerment.

Kundiza works with a range of training associates (click here to go to training associates) who between them have considerable experience not only in tourism but in other public and private sector organisations and industries.